Introduction of The Company

S.K.Bermy Co. was founded by Mr. Mohammad Alizadeh Bermy with more than half a century experience in 1984 as a manufacturer of firefighting vehicles in a 7000 Sq.meters area in Tehran.

S. K. Bermy Co. has developed to a complex factories in more than 19300 Sq. meters including 2750 Sq. meters administrative offices and 5200 Sq.meters workshops in Hashtgerd Industrial Area 70 Km. west of Tehran and the first company obtained ISO9001:2008 (BRS U.S.A) certificate in producing firefighting vehicles and equipment, with more than 150 permanent staffs and advanced computer lab for pump testing.


tickzard Building & Workshops :

  1. Head office: 110 sq meters in Africa Blvd. Tehran.
  2. Factory No.1: 6000 sq meters yard including 2400 sq meters workshop and 1500 sq meters administrative office in Hashtgerd industrial zone.
  3. Factory No.2: 3000 sq meters including 1000 sq meters workshop & 500 sq meters administrative are in Hashtgerd industrial zone.
  4. Factory No.3: 2300 sq meters including 1000 sq meters workshop & 500 sq meter administrative office in Hashtgerd industrial Area.
  5. Factory No.4: 4000 sq meters under construction in Hashtgerd industrial Area.
  6. Factory No.5: 4000 sq meters

Total 19300 sq meters factory yard included 2750 sq meters administrative office & 5200 sq meters workshops.

factories EN

tickzard Human Resouces:
S.K.Bermy Co has more than 150 permanent staff including high educated engineers and skilled workers.

tickzard Technical & Engineering :

  • Energetic engineering & quality control departments.
  • Advance computers equipped with the most modern software for test & recording of all our products & specially the pumps.
  • Well appointed library.
  • The most modern computerized facilities for pump testing.
  • Obtaining ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Test and analyze in MSA method.
  • Error analyzation in FMEA method.
  • Statistics apparent control by SPC method.
  • Advance planning quality process by APQP method.
tickzardTest Facilities :
  • A competent staff will always be at your disposal for any inquiry for test and calibration.
  • Digitally pressure-gauge (P.transmitter) in 4 mA linear accuracy.
  •  Digitally vacuum meter (P.transmitter) in 4 mA linear accuracy.
  • Flow meter for 1 Lit/min in 1000 Lit/min accuracy.
  • Optical pump rotation meter in 1 rpm accuracy.
  • Performance carves for each individual pump.
  • All measurement by digital caulis in 0.01 mm accuracy.
  • Quality contro plan (Q.C.P).
  • Relevant equipment for hydrostatic test to 60 bar pressure.
  • Computerized calculation of gravity of the designed vehicles by advance software.
  • Weld testing by penetrating liquid and VT test.
  • Test miscellany is included of pool, diesel engine, control cabin, test equipment.