Mohammad Alizadeh Bermy

CEO & Chairman of the Board


The management of S.K.Bermy Co., Mohammad Alizadeh Bermy, is one of Iran's old & experianced industrial leader and also the beginner of manufacturing fire fighting vehicles and equipment in Iran.
About 55 years ago, he started to manufacture all type of fire fighting vehicles such as ,Airport Crash Tender ,Refinery ,Urban and Rescue Fire Engines in Iran.
For 30 years he worked for Shahab Khodro Co. (Former Lyland Motor Co. ) as the Head and chief ,Technical manager , Production manager , Deputy of the Factory , and Self supporting manager.
In those days he finished production of more than 1000 units of fire fighting vehicles and while he was doing hjis duties in Shhab Khodro Co., he established Sanguin Kar Engineering 1984 for manufacturing fire fighting vehicles and till 1999 this company finished production of more than 300 sets of  fire fighting vehicles on 1921, and 911 Mercedes Benz chassis for Ministry of Interior affairs and 45 sets of crash tenders for Civil Aviation Airports, and 10 unites foamatic for Refineries and Petrochemical sites and some more for other industrial organizations.
In order to improve our services to our customers and the quality of the products and using new technologies & modern machineries according to International Standards and also competeing to the similar foreign productions,
In 1999 he established Sanat Karan Bermy Co. ( S.K.Bermy ) as Managing Director & Chairman of the Board for serving our best to the customers cause we believe that Confidence and Expertise and Use of technical Experts is the main key for Improvements.





And some of the management's activities and awards are:

 The Selected Industry Champion In 2006

The Select of National Festival In 2008

Selected As Technical Leader In 2009 (Industry & Mine Day)

Appreciation Plate As The Specimen Manager From Labour House

Appreciation Plate As The Specimen Labour From Labour House

The Founder and Member of the Board of Iran Industrial Equipment Manufactures Association (SATSA) since 1999 for 12 years.

The Founder and Member of the Board of Iran Vehicle Body (Superstructure) Builders Association.

Member of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM)