M.P.B 4000

M.P.B. 4000 Trailer technical specification
Max. Length including groom leading a horse:4370 mm.
Max. length with out groom leading a horse:  3270 mm.
Max. Height including turning light : 2270 mm.
Max. Width :1500 mm.


Water pump model 4010
Centrifuge, casing and blade are made of anti corrosion aluminum
Or bronze.
Max. out put capacity  :4000 lit/m at 10 bar
Max. suction lift:8 m.
Pump out put : 4 of 2.5 inches with special 

Motor specification
Diesel engine 6 or 4 cylinders with relevant power and speed.

Control panel
All gauges ( Fuel, Oil pressure , Water Temp., Pump speed , Water pressure
Vacuum and  Dynamo signal